lots of spuds planted out on Sunday and a few more pumpkins potted up in the glasshouse to replace a few casualties of last week’s unexpected frost.

Then a session with the juicer: carrots, rhubarb and……asparagus! Carrots were great, rhubarb needed 4 spoons of sugar for about 500ml of juice which makes it slightly shaky as a healthy drink but tastes amazing, quite like sherbet 🙂

Asparagus may seem quite extravagant but we have a disused asparagus farm next door so we turned a couple of kilos into juice as an experiment. The end result is vividly green and has a very full-on flavour I’d describe as tasting quite like peas with an asparagus after-taste. The punchy flavour means small amounts are plenty (think wheat-grass shooters) but the taste is nice and the health benefits – especially concentrated in the juicing – are many including cancer prevention.

Yield was similar to the carrots at about 500ml per kilo of raw product so an expensive juice if you don’t grow your own asparagus but if you do, give it a try.

See the excellent juicing-for-health for more info.



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