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Autumn bounty – Chilis, tomatoes and corn from the garden

Things are slowing down slightly but I had to pick the last of the sweetcorn today before it started to dry out, I thought we were going to have loads left and need to freeze bags of kernels but I think we’ll polish off what’s left over a couple of lunch-times.

Also grabbed 2.5kg of tomatoes, quite a small pick compared to what we’ve been getting but there is still plenty to come if we don’t get any early frosts. We’re picking them orange to avoid the birds getting at them since they’re out in the field mostly, they still ripen just fine in the sun or in a warm room but don’t use a metal bowl to ripen them as that leads more to partial cooking than ripening as we found out.

Finally I picked the cayenne, wildfire and hungarian hot wax chilis that were ripe, not sure yet if we’ll freeze them or dry them for storing – both work really well. If you dry them you can also make your own chili-flakes and chili powder (some sort of mask very much necessary for the chili powder as it goes everywhere!).

It’s a strange time of year, so much bounty and we are managing to buy almost no veg right now and regularly getting meals completely from the garden. But it pays to remember the changing seasons and bear in mind that all too soon the garden will be looking empty again and what can be preserved now should be so that you can continue to provide for yourselves through winter without having to resort to high-carbon-footprint low-taste supermarket “veg”.

I’m hoping to do a big pick of courgettes this week to make some chutney, pickle some beetroot and the aubergines have finally started crazily setting fruit now that we’ve got the mite issue under control so we’re optimistic for an opportunity to make some Brinjal pickle this season.

Happy gardening!

Greg. 2bMNML



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