I’m Greg and I’m from Scotland but have lived in New Zealand since 2002, my girlfriend is Astrid – she’s from New Zealand. This is our blog.

This is a place for us to share our thoughts, experiences, advice and cool stuff we read relating to a quest for  a simpler way of life. We strive to avoid stressful jobs, rampant consumerism, putting chemicals in and on ourselves, clutter, the pursuit of “things” and all the trappings of modern life which lead to unhappiness and ill health.

We are not extremists and we are not uber hippies. We prefer to grow our own veg and fruit, forage for wild food, hunt and fish for meat, make produce we would have previously bought avoidingall the “E” numbers. A friend of ours defines herself as self-sufficient: She has a job and and she goes to the supermarket for her food. She’s happy with things like that and her and her husband have a great life and make the most of their spare time in the outdoors. We have nothing against people embracing that way of life, we only know that it didn’t work for us.

The blog will cover all of these things and more at various times so I’m sure some posts will be more interesting to you than others as you find your own minimalist path and find what is important to you. We’ve barely started our journey and we have so much to learn. We’d love to build an eco-friendly house ourselves up in sunny Golden Bay before too many more years pass so we will share what we learn about this process too. We are both keen cooks so expect to find recipes utilising wild game and fish, plenty of home-grown veg and most importantly foraged ingredients.

So, enjoy the blog, if you like what you read please follow, reblog, share with your friends and most of all please comment and share your experiences.

Thanks for visiting. All the best from New Zealand.

Greg and Astrid.


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